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          Sunset at Erling Tower, Dongqian Lake
          Source: Ningbo Evening News  | 2021-11-22 09:53:00

          Erling Tower is situated on Mount Erling, near Dongqian Lake. It is a nationally-protected cultural heritage site.

          Erling Tower is a seven - tiered square tower constructed with locally - mined stone, measuring nine meters in height. Its center is hollow. The Sumeru Throne - style stone base has a height of one meter. Each story has a "waist eave" with perforated corners, through which wind chimes could be attached.

          Having stood on the shores of Dongqian Lake for nine hundred years, Erling Tower adds a charming touch to the landscape's natural beauty. Sunset at Erling Tower is one of the ten must - see sights of Dongqian Lake and the only one that has remained unchanged throughout the centuries.

          Video: Cai Ke, Yang Hui

          Narration: Yu Keqiu

          Interpreter: Zhao Qingchuan

          Editor: Shi Yiqiu

          Senior Editor: Li Xiuqin

          Editorial Director: Xu Ye

          Chief Editor: Wang Ji