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          Ningbo Releases New Policies of Developing Digital Culture Industry
          Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-06-17 10:43:00

            By Dong Na

            Ningbo takes the lead in releasing new policies on digital culture industry in the province, with a total of 19 policies in 5 categories.

            At present, the cultural industry has become an important engine driving urban economic growth. Ningbo will build the National Digital Culture Industry Emerging Cluster Area (NDCIECA) and implement the "new force" growth plan, vigorously develop media, film and television, music, performing arts, etc., focusing on the innovation of content. The city is striving to seize the great opportunities brought by new technologies and new forms of business to systematically reshape and enhance Ningbo's cultural industry.

            By 2025, the total output value of above-the-designted-scale digital culture industry in Ningbo will double compared to 2020, reaching 50 billion yuan. By then, three to five digital culture industry clusters will be formed, ten key cultural industry parks with digital culture industry as the main format will be built, more than 100 digital culture enterprises and more than ten leading enterprises will be added, and one to two digital culture enterprises will be promoted to be listed.

            The new policies have made specific guidance in five aspects: vigorously cultivating digital culture enterprises, supporting the creation and production of digital culture content, cultivating new forms and models of digital culture, promoting financial support for the development of digital culture industry, and creating healthy ecological environment for the development of digital culture industry.

            Focusing on digital creativity, network audio-visual, digital publishing, digital entertainment, online broadcasting, among others, Ningbo is doing its best to attract and cultivate a number of high-quality digital culture enterprises. Meanwhile, Ningbo will focus on introducing digital culture enterprises with setting up their regional headquarters in the city, establishing industrial ecological system and driving upstream and downstream enterprises to develop together.

            These new policies also focus on supporting the creation and production of digital cultural content. Ningbo will explore high quality digital cultural content and give preferential support to newly launched original digital content products based on comprehensive evaluation of their popularity and reputation every year. Also, the city will excavate a batch of original content with distinct Ningbo cultural characteristics and shape a batch of Ningbo cultural Intellectual Property to expand the influence of the city.