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          Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-07-08 10:37:02

            Hanling Museum of Fine Arts. /韓嶺美術館。[Photo by Chen Jiesheng]陳結生攝

            By Jin Lu

            The Hanling Museum of Fine Arts, completed in June 2022, is designed by Kengo Kuma, an internationally-renowned architect.


            This is an art museum with Chinese-style gardens, far from the bustling city, boasting an air of tranquility with its elegant pine trees and plum blossoms.


            The design of the building symbolizes Hanling Village, Dongqian Lake and the surrounding mountains. Through the windows, visitors can enjoy the view of Dongqian Lake, the rolling hills, the spectacular sunsets, and the outline of the pine forests.


            The architecture consists of 155 angled facades and 1,000 steel beams of different sizes.


            There is a pavilion in the garden which is a faithful reconstruction of the original Hanling Pavilion in the Song Dynasty.


            Each plant in the garden has a distinctive look. Though each has its unique figure, they are all at one with the landscape, forming a poetic scene.


            The Hanling Museum of Fine Arts is an elegant cultural landmark. Though its appearance is futuristic, it honors the local history through traditional roof designs.


            In the future, the Museum will function as Ningbo's "reception room" for visitors.